Friday, July 27, 2007

Alphabet Game - Day 3 - 7/27/2007

Nichole and Rochelle are playing the "closed sets" game right now. Rochelle randomly said letters from the alphabet, with Nichole looking the other way. Nichole correctly repeated 85% of the letters! And the ones she got incorrect, were the "close" ones like Z/C, B/E, T/P, and one oddball of A/O.

They have switched to categories, like fruits, vegetables, dessert, etc. I was amazed when Nichole correctly repeated back "acorn squash"! It is 11:45pm and while Rochelle and I are both tired and want to go to bed, it is hard to say NO to Nichole when she is begging to do more, and clearly doing so well.

I will take some movies of this game tomorrow and post them (if I can figure out how).

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