Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hearing at a Carnival - 5/17/2008

Last night Nichole went with her friends to the travelling carnival that comes to town each year. It comprises a bunch of loud rides, arcade booths, food vendors, etc. I walked through it with my other daughter just to see what they had. It was *very* loud there. Hard for us to communicate, and we have good hearing.

I asked Nichole if she enjoyed spending the evening there with her friends. She had. Then I asked the inevitable question - could you understand any of the conversations the group had? Nichole said that last year when they went, she only caught a couple of words during the evening. But last night, she understood almost all of the conversations! The only time she had trouble was when one friend whispered into her left (hearing aid) ear. She couldn't make out what she was saying. But when she turned her head, to use her CI, she did get what was being said.

Can't wait for the second implant. Hope it will make hearing in these noisy situations that much better!

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