Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nichole's "Bilateral" E-mail to her Audiologist

At dinner tonight, I told Nichole that I had exchanged e-mails with her audiologist, Marilyn, regarding Nichole getting her other ear implanted. One thing Marilyn noted was that with two implants, she would not hear *anything* when her processors were removed. Nichole then sent the following e-mail to Marilyn, copying me. For those with very young kids, who can't really give you feedback, this is what you can look forward to as they get older.

Hi Marilyn,
My dad asked me if I was willing to give up my remaining hearing in my left ear for a second implant. Definitely!! I would give my residual hearing in an instant because as my little investigations have shown, a CI is about 100% better than a hearing aid. The only hearing (without the hearing aid in) I would be giving up is:
-hearing the water hit my ear in the shower
-myself humming with my hands over my ears
-an MP3 player on Volume 30 (maximum volume setting-I can barely hear it)
So I wouldn't be losing anything really except the title of having a hearing loss.
Thank you for the tip on how to turn off the FM microphone but keep the CI one on. It has made school life a lot more tolerable than before : D

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Val said...

gotta love it! she's so smart and brave