Thursday, April 3, 2008

Approved for Bilateral CI !!! - April 3, 2008

We met with the Speech and Language Pathologist and Nichole's surgeon at Children's today. These were the final two appointments we needed to "pass" in order for Nichole to be approved for her second implant. The language testing went fast - Nichole has a very advanced vocabulary.

The meeting with Nichole's surgeon went very well. Dr. L. stepped through all the pros and cons of a 2nd implant. She told him how the CI on her right side was *so* much better than the hearing aid on her left side, and that she had tested both in different situations, and really wanted to have her left side implanted. He said he fully agreed, then said, "lets go get you a date"!! I had been expecting that their team would have to meet to discuss her case, as happened with the first one last year. Nope. He walked us to Sarah, the implant team coordinator, and asked her to schedule us for surgery. She immediately asked if July 11th would work for us! Yahoo. She knew we were looking for a slot right at the beginning of summer, and had lined things up for us. She is fantastic!. Nichole was very happy on the drive home! So now we wait.


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Val said...

Oh, she'll really love it. It'll seem so much easier to hear and I know Mom and Dad will notice her hearing better in the car and in noise as well.