Monday, August 27, 2007

5-Week Mapping - 8/27/2007

We saw Marilyn for Nichole's 5 week post-activation mapping session. School starts in 2 days, so we wanted to do the fine tuning now. Nichole's Listening Therapist, Dorothy, had sent Marilyn an e-mail summary of Nichole's progress so far, indicating a need for a "tweek" in the map to help her discriminated between d and g. Marilyn set the T (threshold) levels, then had Nichole sit at the computer and run the application to sett all the C (comfort) levels. Nichole likes doing this, because it empowers her (she is a whiz at computers), and lets her fine tune things. After following a discussion thread on CiCircle about FMs, we discussed with Marilyn the setting she would program into the processor for FM-vs-Mic levels. She recommends a 1:1 ratio. So that is what we have programmed into the first three memories. The fourth one has a 2:1 ratio (suppresses the Mic input) in case Nichole is in a class (maybe Chemistry lab) where it is very noisy near her, and she wants to have the teacher's voice over-ride the ambient noise.

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