Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nichole at IMAX movie - 8/2/2007

Our family does NOT go to the movies together much any more (at least the past couple of years) because Nichole can not understand the dialog (except for one or two random word). Well, I took the family to the New England Aquarium in Boston last night for a private event which included a free showing of the "Dinosaurs 3D" movie in their IMAX theater. We were all curious how Nichole would do, given she was activated exactly one week ago.

The CEO of the aquarium got up to welcome the guests and to give a little speech. We were sitting in the 2nd to last row, way at the top of the theater, and he was standing way down front (so hard to see his lips). He was telling how much money this group (corporate sponsors) raised for the aquarium, when Nichole turned to me and said "wow, 1.6 million dollars is a lot". Way cool that she could understand that phrase he had just spoken !!

As the film started, she gave a few "thumbs up" hand gestures, and after the film finished, she said she could understand a little of the narration.

Here is a snippet from an e-mail Nichole sent her audiologist this morning

"... we went to the New England Aquarium for an event and they showed Dinosaurs 3-D. I could understand phrases that were being said on the film (if I actually concentrated on the narrators voice) whereas before the CI, I only understood one, maybe two words throughout the whole film!!! So, I am really thankful for the CI and your help in mapping it."

Nichole has always had problems understanding electronically produced speech. It is so wonderful that she has the potential to understand it now.

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