Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Day of 10th Grade with new CI - 8/29/2007

Today was the first day back to school (10th Grade) for Nichole since getting her implant this summer. She is exactly 5 weeks post-activation. We got the FM system all set just two days earlier (Freedom FM for her processor and Microlink for her hearing aid - nothing like bilateral FM technology!). Before bed, I asked Nichole to compare/contrast her first school day with her CI versus pre-CI school. She said she could hear everything much "louder". I asked if it was 10% louder, 50%, 100%, etc. Nichole thought about it and said that it is about 75% louder than just her hearing aids alone (and she had the same FM technology back then). She then went on to say that when she is home, she understands all the words that everyone says, but that is not yet the case at school. Nichole felt that once she gets used to the way her new teachers talk, things will be *much* better having the CI.

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